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Why Buy a Jungheinrich? Here’s Six Wins for Your Business!

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  1. Energy efficiency translates for your business, cost-savings. The Jungheinrich EFG2 is proven#1 in this arena.
  2. Your operators need not stop to charge between two shifts. This means less charging, time-saving, and increased productivity with continuous run-times.
  3. Save on maintenance costs with the ease of serviceability of Jungheinrich components.
  4. Greater load capacity over competitive brands—up to 20.5% more. You can move more in one load and get the job done in less time.
  5. Your operators will love the comfort, smooth ride, HD full color screen, and electric power steering of the Jungheinrich EFG2.
  6. You can get your EFG2 now at $316 monthly lease or get $1,000 off your purchase.

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Jungheinrich EFG 2
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