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Top 10 Operator Safety Tips

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1. You must be over 18 years old to operate a forklift.
2. Only people that are properly trained to work on a forklift are allowed to drive them.
3. Keep the load elevated when going up or down hill. These will keep anything from falling off.
4. Take turns slowly so that you don’t tip over.
5. All forklifts should have a seat belt. Make sure you wear it at all times.
6. Keep the load low while driving so that it doesn’t block your view while driving.
7. Never load the forklift over the maximum capacity stated on the data plate.
8. Never leave the forklift running unattended or if you are 25ft. away.
9. Use your horn to warn others while backing up. Also honk the horn when entering doorways or any place where your obstruction may be blocked.
10. Never lift a person. They are not made for people and can be dangerous.

Following OSHA forklift safety tips are a great way to remember OSHA guidelines on forklift safety.

National Forklift Day 2017

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